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Child Safety Information

  • Replace. The best way to keep your children safe is to replace all window coverings that have cords with either cordless window treatments or where the cords are inaccessible. Please select from our Cordless Product Line, which has been Best For Kids® Certified, for the safest product for your home. (If you are unable to replace or remove all of your window blinds with cords at one time, start with the windows in the rooms where your child spends the most time – usually bedrooms and living rooms – and replace the others as you can.)


  • Retrofit. The Window Covering Safety Council offers Free Retrofit Kits and Instructions, on how you can make existing window treatments with cords safer. While this is a good start, we really would recommend replacing any corded window treatment with a new cordless product. The Retrofit Kits and process must be followed exactly as instructed, and even then it’s not a full proof guarantee that the fixes will remain permanent which is why we recommend installing proper cordless window treatments for the safest outcome.


  • Move furniture. Cribs, beds, couches, and other furniture should be moved away from windows so children cannot climb on them to get to the window or window blind cords.


  • Every room, every home. Take these steps in every room of the home. Also, talk to people at the other places where your child spends time such as the grandparents’ house, child care, or school. Ask them to also remove window blinds with cords to help keep your child safer.


  • Let Our Professionals Measure & Install For You. If you’re ordering from The Shade Store, we recommend using our professional measure & install services, so we can ensure that the product is installed properly.


  • Follow Our Measure & Install Instructions. If you wish to measure and install on your own, please follow our step-by-step instructions to ensure the highest safety standards.