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Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the first things I think of for window treatments… it’s so overwhelming.

Think of what you need to accomplish and try to prioritize. For example, is this just aesthetic or are you looking for energy efficiency and/or light control with varying levels of opacity. What about noise reduction? You may need a combination of these options.

My windows are such odd shapes…is there anything out there for me that offers light control?

One of the wonderful things about plantation shutters is that they come in almost every shape and size imaginable. They can be designed traditionally and they can also be modernized with clever tricks of the trade.

What do I do on my sliding glass doors? I am so “over” vertical blinds!

If you want to do drapery panels, they are almost always a winner, especially if you can close them to meet in the middle. There are so many lightweight sheers and casements that offer varying opacities to meet almost any need.
There are also more modern verticals on the market now that are called “panel tracks”. They are streamlined, diverse, modern and come in many fabrics and textures.
If you are looking for a more traditional vertical application, Hunter Douglas makes Luminette that is a combination louvered vertical, with sheer fabric and undulations that soften the hard surfaces of your typical kitchen/dining area. The fabric options vary from casual to dressy and they look fabulous wall to wall.
We are also seeing more and more people going toward the standard horizontal shades and shutters for sliding glass and French doors. Roman shades always look nice on French doors especially!

I’m not sure if I should do shutters or shades…what do you think?

I don’t generally think shades stand very well on their own, unless you are going for a very modern, clean look. So I prefer to use shades when I am layering treatments, with either valances or panels.
Shutters stand beautifully on their own, as they are more substantial and architectural.

Speaking of shutters, my windows really don’t lend themselves to shutters, but I love them

You would be so surprised, what we can do with shutters and all the options they have. There are so many different louver sizes available (the larger ones offering more light and view through. There are several different shutter frames that can blend nearly seamlessly with your current moldings, or we can provide the frame if you don’t currently have moldings. We can offer you that with your shutters in one installation. Left to the experts for your specific scenario, we can offer you light control, beauty, energy efficiency, noise reduction and more.